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  • Steve Jobs and the proof of enlightenment

    06 June 2015: Why Steve Jobs didn't become a Zen monk and why Lisa was finally the proof of his englightenment. mehr

  • About Kôbun, Steve Jobs Zen teacher

    12 May 2015: Kôbun Otogawa taught Zen to Steve Jobs. Unlike Jobs, Otogawa did not become that famous. Yet he was an unconvential... mehr

  • The Zen Of Steve Jobs

    29 April 2015: The Zen Of Steve Jobs is a nicely drawn comic book, which unfortunately doesn't tell enough to be more than... mehr

  • Maelstrom

    23 March 2015: At one evening the old Zen Master asked me what the “One” is. It made me think for a long... mehr

  • Why I self-published

    22 January 2015: More than one year has passed since I self-published "The Zen Programmer" book and now it's time to recap. Was... mehr

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