Master the hectic of daily life.

The Zen Programmer

Stress, Burnout, Success. This is what makes us sick. In Christian Grobmeiers book you'll read there is more important things than e-mails, phone calls and deadlines.

What Zen teachers taught hundreds of years ago, is still valid today. We can say „No“. We have our life at our own hands. Zen is not just for famous business people like Steve Jobs.

Zen is for everybody. It's not a weekend activity. You can practice Zen right now, in this second.

Also available in: German, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is out of stock.

„Empty yourself inside and get aligned with the outside. Then you'll find even peace in the hectic goings of the world.“

Yüan-Wu (Zen master from the 11th century) About Zen experience

A book for those being eaten by their job. Not only for programmers.

  • Learn to say „No“.

    How many hours do you work? Eighty? Sixty? Or „only“ fourty? Are you unhappy? Does your work eat you alive? What Zen teachers told us in ancient times is still true today. We can say „No“ and have our life in our own hands.

  • Efficient Work.

    Is Zen just some instructions to be lazy? No. Zen cleans your mind. Your thoughts will be more precise and focused. Because you concentrate on what matters your work will much better. And after work, you'll be not as exhausted.

  • Practice oriented.

    Christian Grobmeier explains Zen in a language you understand. No esoterics. No magic. No bragging. This book was written from a programmer for programmers. But everybody who works in the office can read it. And: you can read it quickly.

  • Practice Zen. Simple. Anytime.

    Did you know an important part of Zen practice is to focus on daily life activities? Nobody needs to live in a monastery or in solitary. Focusing on what you do right now, that is Zen. You can practice anytime, even now, in this second.

  • Master your life.

    Your schedule is busy and you never got spare time? Doesn't matter. Same goes for Apple founder Steve Jobs. He still was practicing with Zen teacher Kobun Roshi. Steves work work was highly influenced from the beauty and efficience of Zen.

  • Own experiences.

    Author Christian Grobmeier know what he talks about. He worked a lot in old times, up to 75 hours a week. Until he couldn't do it no more. He started with Zen. Today he is more balanced, happier and the results of his work is much better than ever.

Want a sample? Just read the 10 rules of a Zen programmer. They are the essence of this book.

What others say. Opinions and Press

  • „A great and important book. We need it..“

    Stephan Uhrenbacher,

    Serial founder of companies like 9flats and Qype

  • „I would highly recommend for programmers and others, that you give Christian’s book a read and maybe even try just 10 minutes of quiet meditation!“

    Lori Lynn Smith,

    Sacred Earth Partners

  • „This book will make you feel in peace with yourself and the world around you. It is full of practical wisdom that will help you live with mindfulness and peace. If you want to Zen your life, this book is a must read.“

    Mohamed Tohami,Egypts leading

    motivation expert, author

  • „Christian Grobmeier shows by example how to improve yourself and how to deal with colleauges, clients and your boss on daily basis. This book is recommended to anybody who got a job in the office – up to people working in the higher management.“

    Dusan Belohlavek,

    Communication Designer

Learn about the positive impact of Zen to your daily work. Order the book The Zen Programmer today.

Also available in German and Spanish

Christian Grobmeier. Programmer, Author, Speaker, Coach.

Christian Grobmeier Portrait

Christian sold his first website back in 1998. Since then he worked as a web developer, a consultant, an architect, a manager, a tester, and much more. He has had many different customers: banks, tiny companies, and huge merchants. He has worked in open spaces together with eighty other people and alone in his home office. At a time when he worked seventy-five hours a week and could have become an actor in a Zombie movie without makeup, he started practicing Zen.

Since then, the way he worked has changed significantly. He has learned to say „No“. He delivers better products and smiles more often.

Today, Christian is building up his own company Grobmeier Solutions GmbH. In his free time he still practices Zen and studies Psychology at a German university.

Get coached by Christian Grobmeier. Does not matter if company, freelancer and just getting started – increase your satisfaction as a team or a person.

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