The Zen Programmer

The Zen Programmer

This book will teach you that there are more than just emails, phone calls, and urgent issues. What Zen teachers told us hundreds of years ago is still true today: we can say "No" and have our lives in our own hands. Zen is not only for famous corporate leaders like Steve Jobs. It is for you. It is not for weekends. You can practice Zen at any time, even right now, this second.

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For you, who are killed by work.

Every day you come back home and don't know what you have done the whole day. You probably have fantastic new hardware, but are not happy with it. Maybe you have a lot of money. But you can't enjoy it, because you are afraid you might lose your job tomorrow. You don't like what you do, but you have no other choice. You feel there is more to life than phone calls, social networks, and people who get on your nerves. But you are caught. And in the end your only fear is that nobody could continue your work, should you suffer a heart attack over lacking documentation.


For you, who don't want to listen.

How many hours are you working? 80? 60? Or just 40? Doesn't matter. You have no time. There is still something which makes you curious about Zen. Top managers practice Zen. They must have learned about it without investing a lot of time.

This book explains Zen with a language you already understand. No esoteric phrasing. No cryptic wording. No magic. It is made by a programmer for programmers. But it can be read by anybody who is working in a project environment. And it can be read quickly.


For you, who are sceptic.

I once worked a lot. Around seventy-five hours a week. I was messed up and didn't see a way to get out--until I started with Zen practice. Since then I say "No" more often, smile more often, and, at the same time, deliver better quality to my customers.

I didn't look for a new religion. And I don't preach one. You'll read how Zen had an impact to me.

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For you, who are full of doubts.

I recommend you read The 10 Rules Of A Zen Programmer. It sums up a lot of the core of the book.

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"A great and important book. We need it."

Stephan is a serial entrepreneur from Germany and founded 9Flats and Qype.

Lori Lynn

"I would highly recommend for programmers and others, that you give Christian’s book a read and maybe even try just 10 minutes of quiet meditation!"

Lori runs the Sacred Earth Partners Blog where she write on how to combine Lifestyle AND a Business.


"This book will make you feel in peace with yourself and the world around you. It is full of practical wisdom that will help you live with mindfulness and peace. If you want to Zen your life, this book is a must read."

Mohamed is Egypts #1 motivation expert and an author of many books. You can read more about him on his website.


"All in all, Christian makes a compelling case with his reassuring words that by invoking the Ten Rules of a Zen Programmer, you will be happier, more focused, with less ego, and your family will thank you for it." - Full Review on

Chris Buckett is a developer from UK. He is an early adopter of the Dart language, wrote "Dart in Action", and runs a well-known blog with the name Dart Watch.


"A positively provoking and inspiring manual for a better life as a programmer. Christians book is a guidebook. With concrete examples he explains the way from a hard-working and frustrated programmer to a programmer who still works hard but is happy with himself and the world around."

Alin is working as a self employed SEO Expert.


Who wrote it?

Christian sold his first website back in 1998. Since then he worked as a web developer, a consultant, an architect, a manager, a tester, and much more. He has had many different customers: banks, tiny companies, and huge merchants. He has worked in open spaces together with eighty other people and alone in his home office. At a time when he worked seventy-five hours a week and could have become an actor in a Zombie movie without makeup, he started practicing Zen.

Since then, the way he worked has changed significantly. He has learned to say "No" and can almost fall asleep when he is tired. He delivers better products and smiles more often.

Today, Christian is building up his own company and provides freelancer services. In his free time, he practices Zen and studies Psychology at a German university.

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What does the book cover?

I write about some facts on Buddhism and how I applied it to my own life and daily work. In the end, you'll understand the origins of the "Ten rules of a Zen programmer".

Will I become a better programmer?

Do you become a better programmer because you read a book on your favorite programming language?

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Are you a Zen monk?

No. I have practiced Zen since 2006. This book is not the book of a Zen master. It is the book of a guy who could change his mind with Zen.

How did you make this book?

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